Plans and Features

Last Modified on July 8, 2018


Basic character sheet functionality is free, but we hope that you see the value in our premium features and choose to subscribe.


Create Your Characters


  • Unlimited Characters
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly
  • Ability Sorting/Filtering
  • Character Portraits
  • Printable Sheets
  • All Supported Games
    • Trail of Cthulhu
    • Night’s Black Angels
    • Fall of Delta Green
    • Yellow King


Use During Play

Includes Free plus:

  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Spend Ability Points
  • Refresh Some or All of Them
  • Track Health, Stability, Sanity
  • Character Notes
  • Offline Access
  • Save to Android Home Screen
  • Die Rolling
$14.95 per Year

Game Master

Connect With Your Players

Includes Player plus:

  • View Player Character Sheets
  • Live Character Matrix
  • QuickShock Combat
  • Customizable Ability Lists
Coming this Summer Coming Soon

Games and Features

We strive to provide a complete character management experience for all of the GUMSHOE games we support. Use The Black Book during character creation and play. Focus on the story, let us handle the rest.

Fall of Delta Green

Additional Features:

  • Select Military Service
  • Select Department
  • Allocate Build Points
  • Track your Bonds

Tail of Cthulhu

Additional Features:

  • Pulp and Purist Mode
  • Occupational Abilities
  • Occupational special features
  • Credit Rating Bands

Night's Black Agents

Additional Features:

  • Previous Patron and MOS
  • Background Ability Rating suggestions
  • Cherries
  • Special Weapons Training
  • Covers and Contacts
  • Also supports the Dracula Dossier
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