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Create Your Characters


  • Unlimited Characters
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly
  • Ability Sorting/Filtering
  • Character Portraits
  • Printable Sheets
  • All Supported Games
    • Trail of Cthulhu
    • Night’s Black Angents
    • Fall of Delta Green
    • Yellow King RPG
    • Fear Itself
    • Esoterrorists
    • Casting the Runes


Use During Play

Includes Free plus:

  • 14-day Free Trial on New Subscriptions
  • Spend Ability Points
  • Refresh Some or All of Them
  • Track Health, Stability, Sanity
  • Character Notes
  • Save to Android Home Screen
  • Die Rolling
$14.95 per Year

Game Master

Connect With Your Players

Includes Player plus:

  • Players join for free
  • View/Edit Player Characters
  • Live Character Matrix
  • Manage spotlight
  • Discord Integration
  • Coming Soon
  • QuickShock Combat
  • Customizable Ability Lists
$29.95 per Year

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