Last Modified on March 15, 2019

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[NBA] How do I keep track of contacts, covers or other lists related my character's abilities?
Use the notes feature to keep track of these things. Even if you have a free subscription, notes for these items will work.
[NBA] What are the numbers in parentheses next to some of my Night's Black Agents
character's abilities?
Those are the recommended values based on the backgrounds you have selected.
[Trail] What are the little briefcases next to some of my abilities on my Trail of
Cthulhu character sheet?
Those are occupational abilities. Black ones are fixed by your occupation, red ones are choosable.
[Bookhounds] Why can't I replace an existing ability with one of the new ones as
described in the sidebar on page 13?
Currently the new abilities are only available as part of an Occupation's choosable abilities. This is a known issue. To work around this, just set your ability ratings the way you want. The point totals will be off, but the character will work fine.

Features & Functionality

What is the Difference between Night's Black Agents and Dracula Dossier when creating a character?
Almost nothing. Dracula Dossier adds Geology and Hypnosis to your list of abilities.
Do you support GUMSHOE game XXXXX?
We will be supporting all GUMSHOE games. Watch for them to roll out over the next few months.
Will you be supporting other languages?
Everybody wants this to happen, but the licensing can be tricky. Once we have the English language version conquered we will look into this further.
Do players need an account to join a campaign?
No. Players can join a campaign without an account if the GM is assigning pregenerated characters. The GM will provide the players a link that they can use access their characters. If the game will run over multiple sessions, it is recommended that players use the join button to create an account to retain access to the character.

Discord Integration

What can I do with the Discord integration?
Once your campaign is connected to a Discord channel, all character spends and rolls will be reported in that channel.
You can also use Discord commands (starting with "/bb") to get information about the characters. Type /bb in discord will bring up a list of commands.
What do I need to be able to use the Discord integration?
You need to have a GM level subscriptions and permissions to invite bots to a Discord server.
How do I remove The Black Book from my server?
If you kick the bot from the server, the server does not tell the bot that it has been kicked. This means that your campaign view will still show as connected. Just click the disconnect button in your campaign to remove it.
If you start by clicking the disconnect button on your campaign view, it will remove the bot from the server and the campaign.

Account & Billing

What happened to the Facebook and Twitter login options?
We have removed these options because they were not being used very often and they were causing problems for some users. If you were using one of these options, you can still use the same email address to login. If you have forgotten your password (or never set one), you can use the password reset feature to set a new one.
I'm having some trouble processing my credit card, what should I do?
Sorry to hear that. Contact us and we will get you sorted out.
Do you offer monthly subscriptions?
Unfortunately it gets to be very expensive to process a dozen $2 charges, so we only offer annual subscriptions.
I don't want to pay for an annual subscription if I'm not sure I'll like it?
We offer a free tier that has everything you need to play GUMSHOE games. Spend some time with that and see what you think. The pay tiers only get better from there.
Do players need to pay for a subscription?
No. Players with Free accounts can join a campaign and use all of the features of the Player tier for that character and when the GM has the campaign page open.